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June 2020, No. 94

Hall of Fame

ĎChevalier of Iran Industryí Wins Leonardo Prize

Ahmad Pourfallah, Chairman of the Iran-Italy Joint Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines and Managing Director of Secco Iran has received his second international medal of honor from Italy in one year. The Italian Ambassador to Tehran Mauro Conciatori presented the award known as chevalier medal to Pourfallah in a ceremony held in Tehran on June 5. Pourfallah is the first Iranian businessman to win the Leonardo International Prize which was presented to him by Italian President Sergio Mattarella in a ceremony at the Quirinale in March. Leonardo is Italyís highest economic and cultural award.

 Letter from a manager, experienced, knowledgeable and forward-looking father to his daughter and son and to all the entrepreneurs in the Iranian industry and commerce! 

My Lovely Girl, My Good Boy!

Over the 40 years of my responsibility as managing director and round the clock efforts in the countryís industrial units and sustaining various harms, I have come to the following conclusions:

  • Although insisting on being honest in the current situation in the country will make you lag behind your competitors, never abandon your honesty in your demeanor.

  • Although you may face financial difficulty by prioritizing the interests of others, especially your partners, make sure you always follow this professional principle.

  • Although you may incur greater costs in providing financial information to regulatory agencies, you should never shy away from transparency.

  • Although on numerous occasions I have suffered the biggest blows from the people I have served most, you remember to be kind and nice. (Donít try to retaliate).

  • Donít expect compensation from those you have helped in various ways as this expectation will severely damage your morale.

  • Despite the fact that our society has drifted away from ethics (honesty, righteousness, helping the needy, gratitude, appreciation, friendliness, and respectful behavior) in recent decades, nevertheless, my dear, make sure you will not take a course other than these ways. (I know you will be hurt like I did, but give priority to humanism against other possessions and assets).

  • And finally, if you win two valuable international awards and you receive both of them from the president of a European state and a European government but you donít see any praise and backup, in your own country, donít get disappointed; you have strived for greater goals.


Looking at the Future of the Valuable Youth of My Country

With the current trend in the society, I do not expect a promising future for the youth of our country. If we want them to see a better tomorrow which they deserve, we have to provide the infrastructure today and let them enter the game in a way to raise the hope of a better future. Instead of wasting the facilities and our own excessive demands design and provide them honestly and responsibly platforms and better living conditions.

Letís stop chanting slogan and instead turn to wise actions. Letís set aside prejudice and open our eyes to what young people have in developed lands. Letís remember that tomorrow we have to be accountable to our misperceptions and wrong actions before the next generation. It is not good to see high inflation, high unemployment and wide scale poverty in a country that is estimated to hold 10% of the worldís underground resources, is the third-largest holder of oil and gas reserves, ranks 18th in the world in terms of trade volume, is one of the ten most attractive countries in tourism and has a well-educated and intelligent youth favored by the rest of the advanced world.

To wrap it up: Lack of competent, efficient and resourceful management is our fundamental weakness for progress in all areas.


How I Saw Life and the World

I saw life full of beauty and I see it full of ugliness. This is what it is and what has been! Although life is difficult and sometimes ugly, we must try to find beauty among these inhomogeneities and help others to enjoy the concept. I do not believe in philosophy: ďLife is Being and Nothing Else.Ē Each of us has come to play a role in preserving this Earth and elevating our lives. Instead of being a burden on others, help to reduce their grief and suffering.


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  June 2020
No. 94