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January 2019, No. 90


Rentals in Tehran:
100m to 6,000m Rials

100 Million Rials

Letís start with the smallest numbers. With 100 million rials in pledge and a monthly rent of 3,500,000 rials and a little bit of luck you might find a 35-meter old house with no room and facilities, and with not a favorable look, in places like Beryanak (in western Tehran). The rentals for such houses can be converted, thatís to say you can pay less monthly rent but increase the pledge. If you want a more reasonable house with a better appearance in the same neighborhood you have to pay 100 million rials in pledge and 8 million rials monthly rentals. That too would depend on your luck. Let me put it this way: If you have less than 250 million rials you cannot have a house with minimum facilities in Tehran. 

Suites for Singles

Now letís see what kind of accommodation you could get with 250 million rials! A 35-meter suite in Shahre Rey (south of Tehran) without bedroom, with a door-less kitchen with 4 cabinets and no windows, very old. Or on Qazvin Street you can find a 45-meter old house without facilities. Usually these kinds of houses are offered to singles. The classified ads cite: Suites for singles!

If you are looking for a cleaner house with the same budget you need to go a bit farther, for example, to Vali Asr residential township: 250 million rials as a pledge and 4 to 5 million rials of monthly rent.

But if you cannot afford this and still want a place you could call house, you have to go to Tehran suburbs, for example, Shahriar or its nearby Andisheh Town. There you can find a newly built flat 40 to 50 meters with good facilities. 

Over 300 Million Rials

If your money is between 300 and 400 million rials to pledge you can rent a small house (40 to 50 meters) in the vicinity of Nezamabad, Salsabil, Mowlavi, Afsariyeh, Tehran Nou, Jeyhoon, Ostad Moin, Shahre Rey, Beryanak, Pardis and Javadiyeh and with a little more monthly rent, even in Yaftabad and Naziabad, with small amenities.

With 600 million rials as pledge you can find better neighborhoods such as Piroozi, East Tehran Pars, Narmak, Jay, Majidiyeh, Sepah Square, Moniriyeh, Amiriyeh, etc. where you can rent a 40-50 meter house with a reasonable look, with a monthly rent of 1 to 5 million rials.

If your money is more than 600 million rials, it will really make your job easier. For example, with 650 to 700 million rials, you can rent a 45-meter clean and not very old flat in Haft Howz or west Tehran Pars for a year, or a 50-meter flat in Seyyed Khandan and Dabestan neighborhoods and of course in Sattar Khan neighborhood. In the vicinity of ​​northern or southern Jannat Abad and Shahran with 700 to 800 million rials, it may be possible to find a 60-meter flat with full facilities. In ​​Sohrevardi, Taleqani and Motahari neighborhoods, one can also find a decent flat with reasonable facilities for singles. 

Pledges above 900 Million rials

To find a rental house in Pounak area, Sazmane Barnameh, Kouye Ferdows, Marzdaran, Ashrafi Esfahani, Sardar Jangal and Shahrake Naft and some areas of Sattar Khan, you must have over 900 million rials in your pocket. On the other side, in the vicinity of Jamalzadeh, Kargar and Fatemi streets, as well as in Abbas Abad the same terms apply. Of course, this is the case when you want to pay less rent and of course not long for a big house, and will be satisfied with a 60-meter flat. Otherwise, the bigger the size of the flat, the more you have to pay.

But in wealthier neighborhoods such as Vanak, you have to pay between 1,200 and 1,500 million rials for a 60-meter house. If you are very lucky, you can rent a flat of 60 to 70 meters for a year, paying up to 2,000 million rials. For rentals in the vicinity of ​​Qolhak, Zafaraniyeh, Qeytariyeh, Saadatabad, Darrous, Ekhtiariyeh, Farmaniyeh, Zafar and Niavaran if you are lucky you can rent a 60-70 meter flat by paying 2,000 million rials as pledge. But in most of these areas and other districts such as Jordan, Tajrish, Elahiyeh, Aqdasiyeh, Niavaran and Yousefabad, houses of 60 to 70 meters cost about 2,500 million rials as pledge.

The maximum amount you can pay for renting a house is 3,000 million rials for a 70- meter fully equipped with a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and roof garden in Elahiyeh.

Of course, all of these amounts were for houses with an area of ​​less than 70 meters; and the bigger the house the higher the pledge. For example, it might be interesting to know that with 6,000 million rials (an amount you can buy a flat in some neighborhoods) you can rent a 180-meter flat in Zafaraniyeh. So you see, as I said, rentals in Tehran depend on your budget: from 100 million to 6,000 million rials!


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  January 2019
No. 90