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February 2023, No. 102

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The Future of Iranís Economy


The stagnation and shrinking of economies such as the US economy caused other countries to be affected as well.



Development Strategy and Economic Reforms

In the past three decades, economists tried to provide solutions for the super challenges of Iranís economy many times and under different themes.




:: Cover Story

A Call to Clean Energy

Pipeline Diplomacy

:: Global Economy

The New Economics of Fertility

Development Strategy and Economic Reforms

:: Economy

Internet Outage & Decline of Iran Economy

The Future of Iranís Economy

Economic Inequality and Aristocratic Life

A New Era for Money

:: Oil & Gas

Qatar Instead of Iran!

:: Spotlight

Economy & Politics, the Two Sides of the Same Coin

:: Export

Iranís Export Problems in the International Arena

::Trade & Business

Iranian Dream, Chinese Realism!

Prospect of Iran-China Economic Relations

:: Banking

Central Bankersí New Cybersecurity Challenge


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  February 2023